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Release Date Late 6, 2018
Manufacturer Bandai
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PREMIUM BANDAI】Digital Monster 'DIGIMONPENDULUM ver. 20th' Pre-Ordering starts in January 2018!

■ Product Features
Following the introduction of the first generation 'Digital Monster' series in Aug 1998, the big hit virtual pet device equipped with a pendulum 'DIGIMONPENDULUM' was launched and is reaching its 20th anniversary in 2018. To celebrate the anniversary, we are launching a reproduction coming in 2 different colour versions, 'ORIGINAL SILVER BLACK' and 'ORIGINAL SILVER BLUE'.

【Digimons available】
Among the 6 titles of 'DIGIMONPENDULUM' previously released, the Digimons and rare DIGITAMAs featured in 3 of them are included in each colour version respectively (ORIGINAL SILVER BLACK includes 'NATURE SPIRITS', 'NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS' and 'METAL EMPIRE'; ORIGINAL SILVER BLUE includes 'DEEP SAVERS', 'WIND GUARDIANS' and 'VIRUS BUSTERS'). A total of more than 200 types of Digimons can be raised with the 2 different colour versions. In addition, 'Rare DIGITAMAs' will appear upon satisfying certain requirements such as 'number of wins in Battle Mode' and 'number of Album entries'. 

Moreover, the DIGIMONPENDULUM 20th anniversary Digimon 'ルドモン' makes its appearance. 'ルドモン' is a Digimon with the shield of 'Legend-Arms', and the rare DIGITAMA that can hatch a 'ルドモン' is included in both colour versions 'ORIGINAL SILVER BLACK' and 'ORIGINAL SILVER BLUE'.

Includes Digimons appearing in the 3 titles - 'NATURE SPIRITS (launched in Oct 1998)' which features Digimons inhabiting the plains, rivers and forests, 'NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS (launched in Mar 1999)' which features Digimons modelled on demons, and 'METAL EMPIRE (launched in Sep 1999)' which features cyborgs and mechanical Digimons. Rare DIGITAMAs includes more than 40 types of Digimons, such as TERRIERMON and MEICRACKMON:VICIOUSMODE).

Includes Digimons appearing in the 3 titles - 'DEEP SAVERS (launched in Dec 1998)' which features Digimons living in the sea, 'WIND GUARDIANS (launched in Jun 1999)' which features Digimons of bird and plant species, and 'VIRUS BUSTERS (launched in Mar 2000)' which features Digimons modelled on sacred beasts and angels. Rare DIGITAMAs includes more than 40 types of Digimons, such as LOPMON and RYUDAMON.

【Growing up & Transforming】
"Shake and train your Digimon by using the 'Pendulum' function. Different number of shakes will result in different training results."
Similar to the 'Digital Monster ver. 20th' introduced in 2017, it is possible to raise 2 Digimons at the same time, and the growing speed has been greatly enhanced. Needless to say, the 'JOGRES' function is also equipped. You can get the strongest Digimons by performing the 'JOGRES', for example combining 'WARGREYMON' and 'METALGARURUMON' to Digivolve into 'OMEGAMON'. The 2 different colour versions include a total of more than 10 types of Digimon resulting from JOGRES evolution.

【Transmission & Battle】
The Copy function available since 'Digital Monster ver. 20th' is strengthened. Through transmission with a fellow 'DIGIMONPENDULUM ver. 20th' player, you can copy a Digimon and the Digimon becomes a 'COPYMON'. 'COPYMON' is always visible on the screen and creates a lively scene for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, 'COPYMON' can operate together with the 'Digital Monster ver. 20th' series. By sending a Digimon through transmission from a 'Digital Monster ver. 20th' to this product, the Digimon will become a COPYMON. The COPYMON's real name and original form can be viewed in the Album function.

※Digimons cannot be sent from a 'Pendulum ver. 20th' to a 'Digital Monster ver. 20th'.

During a transmission battle, a Digimon's attacking power varies with the number of shakes of the device. It is also possible to choose COPYMON for the battle, and COPYMON will turn back to its original form when attacking.

■ Product Overview
・ Price : SG$49
・ Target Age Group :15 or above
・ Size :W approx. 63mm × H approx. 43mm × D approx. 18mm
・ Materials :ABS、PC、SI
・ Manufacturing Country :China
・ Pre-Order Period : 2018/01/09 ~ 2018/03/29
・ Delivery Date : Jul / 2018
・ Pre-order Limitation:3 pcs per account 


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