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Ref. No. FT-08
Weight 2.38 kg (Packing materials included)
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Release Date Early 3, 2017
Manufacturer Fanstoys
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The terrible, arrogant, nigh-invulnerable leader of the Iron Dibots. Among them Grinder is "King". They follow him without question, for none can stand before him. Grinder respects only strength. Mercy and compassion are foreign to him. His enemies fear him. for he is ferocious and fearless, wading in among his foes to deal death. As a T-Rex he bites through steel girders with lethal jaws or melts them with fiery breath. As a robot he lays waste to the battlefield with a twin-barreled rocketlauncher and intense energy sword. 

Surprisingly cunning, he takes plesaure in battling adversaries who present a challenge, but is often accused of cruelty. Few who face him survive. Yet Grinder is not vindictive, nor disloyal to the cause of the righteousness. He believes the wicked must be destroyed, completely and utterly, without reservation. Some feel he is too dim to think otherwise. He leads the Iron Dibots - arguably the most savage, deadly warriors in the galaxy - in pursuit of the total annihilation of evil.

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