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Q What are pre-order products?
A Pre-order products are the products to be released soon, and we offer pre-order service before the order deadline. You can pay 50% deposit or full payment with pre-orders. We also set a pre-order deadline for each product. When the deadline is over, we would not accept any further ordering even after they are released. Please don't miss every pre-order chance! When the product is released, we would send you email to notify the balance payment before delivery. For those have paid full payment while pre-ordering, we would deliver the products once they arrived.
Q What are restock products?
A Restock products are the reissued edition of popular products, which the manufacturers release to the market again according to the high demand.
Q What are "Sold Out" products?
A "Sold Out" products are those we do not have in stock, and also difficult to find in the market.
Q Why does a product release date change sometimes?
A Our web site release date is the estimated time based on shipment arrival at our warehouse. As there may have shipping delay sometimes, we may not get new product arrived in time. With that reason, we need to modify the release date accordingly.
Q How do I cancel my order?
A Any order placed with our web site is not allowed to be canceled, except those with extreme circumstances. Should customer really need to cancel orders, please contact our Customer Service at [email protected], and we decide on a case-by-case basis. But we do not accept order cancellation in general.
Q Why is my order only partially delivered, and some products listed on receipt are not in the package I receive?
A It's probably because some products are pre-order products, or products need additional time to be shipped. With that circumstance, we would ship available products first to minimize unnecessary customers' waiting time, the remainings will be shipped once they become available. No additional fee would be charged for these kind of arrangements.


Q What payment methods are accepted at
A We accept online credit card, Alipay and PayPal payments. If you need to use wire transfer service, please contact our Customer Service at [email protected] Please keep in mind that wire transfer takes approximately 7 days, and we'll process the shipping as soon as we receive payment. The settlement currency at is Hong Kong dollar (HKD).
Q When will the payment deducted from my credit card account?
A Your credit card will be charged 1 business day after successful payment is made, the full amount including both presently available and pre-order products.
Q I have requested refund, when can I receive it?
A If your refund request has been verified with our customer service, Account Department will process the refund within 3 business days, and it usually takes another 3 – 5 business days for the bank to receive the amount, please check your monthly bill to confirm if you have received it. And refund via PayPal will be processed and transferred instantly.
Q Any sales tax on order?
A We currently do not charge sales tax in our online stores.
Q Where do I get my order receipt?
A When the order transaction is completed, our system will email the receipt to your mailbox automatically. You no need to reply because it's a system generated email; if you do not receive the receipt. Please log in member area, there would have a message center which you can check all we have sent to you.
Q I have wired transferred the payment, how do I notify you?
A We recommend you scan the wire transfer invoice copy from bank and email to our Customer Service at [email protected]; or fax the copy to us (Fax number: 852-3697-0930).


Q Do you ship to my country?
A Our Company provides international shipping which can reach almost any country in the world, so if you have an address then we can ship to you!
Q How do I calculate the shipping cost to my country?
A Please refer to the product information page, and check for the shipping cost details.Find out your country and calculate the amount. If you are buying multiple products, please login member area first, collect all products in the shopping cart. From there, you can easily find out the shipping cost.
Q I have placed order, when will I receive it?
A Our company will start collect your orders once it is confirmed successful payment. Sometimes there may have insufficient stock and we would call manufacturers to refill those insufficient. We normally need 1 - 5 business days to collect all items needed. Once the order is ready, shipping department would deliver the order at once. With airmail delivery, please allow additional 5 to 7 days arrive your place; and 3 to 5 days for express shipping.
Q How do I find out my shipping status?
A We would send you email notification after delivered your orders. Your package tracking number is enclosed in that email, which can be used to track your parcel status. You can visit our mail tracking page to check your parcel shipping status.
Q I have been notified that my order has been shipped a week ago, but why I still haven't received it?
A Several circumstances may cause possible shipping delay.
  1. Your package has been chosen to be inspected at the customs of your countries, this is a random procedure that any package may or may not be inspected.
  2. The shipping address you provide is inaccurate or incomplete, your local post office may have difficulty to deliver to you. To resolve this issue, we recommend you contact your local post office with the package tracking number, they will then be able to complete the delivery with your additional information and notifications. And if you still cannot locate the package, we can send a mail inquiry to HK post office to find it out, because this issue may deals with multiple authorizes in different countries and areas, 3 months is the time limit we extend the help service on our side. And please provide with as accurate and complete address as possible when placing order.


Q How can I become a member?
A You can register at our website, and become our member after filling out some basic personal information. In addition, your privacy will be fully secured and respected, for more information please read the privacy section on our web.
Q How do I modify my personal info?
A After you login with your ID at the member area, you can edit your personal info at "my account".
Q I forget my password, what should I do to retrieve it?
A We provide "Change password through your registered email address", just select "Oh, I forgot my password!" at the login page and enter your regstered email address. Our system will email a mail for you to change the password automatically.


Q I am an interested oversea retailer, so can we discuss possible business cooperation?
A We are delightfully and actively seeking for any possible business relationships, please contact with our Customer Service at [email protected], we can discuss more details with you as soon as possible.


Q I am a customer in Hong Kong, so can I come and shop at your physical store?
A No, because we are a completely web-based store, therefore there is no physical location you can visit in person.
Q What about the Hong Kong local address on your website?
A That address is our company's exchange center, which is not a physical location providing any retail service.
Q Besides the online shopping, is there any other way to shop?
A Yes. If you'd prefer not to make online payment, you can also wire the amount to our company bank account, and then fax the information including your contact number and bank transaction copy to us. Upon receiving the info, our customer service will contact you and arrange the delivery at Tai Po Market MTR station. For your information, we only provide in-person delivery at Tai Po Market MTR station, as any other location will not be accepted. P.S. By making bank transaction to our company bank account, the customer is by default agrees to have the order to be delivered at Tai Po Market MTR station.
Q If I choose to have my order to be delivered at Tai Po Market MTR station, is the order qualifies for shipping free?
A Yes. But if you make online payment, we will charge you an additional 5% bank service fee. The remaining shipping fee will be refunded during in-personal delivery. In the case of cash deposit, you can subtract the shipping fee from the total amount.


Q Do I have to register for membership in order to use the Gift Point promotion program?
A Yes. Once you become our member, you are qualified to Gift Point benefit. Registration is totally free.
Q Can I purchase multiple units of a Gift Point promotional products at a time?
A Of course. You can purchase multiple units of the promotional product per order, but the quantity can't exceed the stated limit. And we highly recommend you visit our website once you receive our promotional message, since many products of this nature come with very limited supplies.
Q Is there a time limit on the Gift Point promotion?
A Yes there is. For more details please check the expiration date in Gift Point promotion. We will provide specific info about the expiration date on Gift Point promotional products.
Q Any quantity limit on Gift Point promotional products?
A Yes, and the purchase limit is listed for each promotional product.
Q How come not all product pages have Gift Point insert box?
A You would only see the Gift Point insert box in the ongoing promotional product page, while the regular product doesn't have it.
Q Can I purchase multiple different Gift Point promotional products with one order?
A Yes. You can place an order of multiple different Gift Point promotional products in it.
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