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How to get "Giftpoint"

  1. For every successful order, there would have Giftpoints rewarded to our customers. Our system will assign Giftpoints to customers' account after orders are delivered.
  2. Giftpoint is calculated based on the amount of products delivered. It is the product total cost divided by 100(excluding shipping fee). After calculation, Giftpoint is stored in each customer's account
  3. Giftpoints can be accumulated within certain period of time. [See validity below]
  4. Our distributors and partners cannot get any Giftpoint.

How to use "Giftpoint"

  1. When you purchase goods in, you can check your "Giftpoint" updates from shopping cart.
  2. You can assign how much "Giftpoint" using for the current purchase. Our shopping cart calculates how much it worth and the corresponding amount it can deduct in the order.
  3. You can check the conversion in the mean time, the conversion rate is 10:1, i.e. 10 Giftpoint equals to 1 HKD.
  4. When you confirm the calculations, you only need to pay the final order amount.
  5. The final order amount paid will become "Giftpoint" for your future purchase.

How to check "Giftpoint"

If you want to check the update status, Please login and go to "Member Area" - "Giftpoint".



All points earned in the current year will expire on March 31 of next year. For example: Points earned on August 8, 2014 will expire on March 31, 2015.


Giftpoint Redemption

All products with returning or refund, the corresponding used "Giftpoint" would be reimbursed with multiply of "10" and return to corresponding account. Those do not include shipping fee.



* Members are prohibited from providing or transfer your account to others. assumes no responsibility for any consequences generated by the given or transferred for other use. reserved the rights to cancel the accounts that are abused.

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