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We will not disclose your personal details to any other third party other than for the use within our company for the purposes of processing your orders. When you browse our web pages, you are not required to reveal any of your personal data.

The collection of your personal data is simply for our services rendered to you and for the use to process your purchase orders. And these are the purposes as stated herein our privacy policies.

The purposes of collection of your personal data:

  1. ensure continuity of service render
  2. contact customers and visitors for marketing purpose
  3. render service of designing for customers
  4. process market research and survey related to customer satisfaction to the use of tailormade webpages for individual customers
  5. inform customers and visitors the updated information of the web pages / website
  6. inform customers and visitors for any promotional activities, privilege sale or new products
  7. contact customers and visitors for enquiries and information of its accounts
  8. according to the counter and click-in frequency, activities and specialties of customers and visitors participated in the website; will utilize this data to evaluate the interests of customers and visitors; and may reveal this data to its advertising client.

Customers and visitors can send in their notifications to instruct us to stop sending them promotional materials.

The Security of Personal Data always endeavour to ensure that all personal data obtained through our customers and visitors will be stored with absolute confidentiality.

Third Party Websites and Web Pages

While you are browsing in our website and web pages, you may find and run into some websites and WebPages that are not provided and maintained by us, when you click on them, you may have left our websites and web pages. If by chance that your personal data is released to them through this connection, we will not be responsible for any loss and damages that may cause.

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