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Release Date Late 2, 2019
Manufacturer Kotobukiya
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Height: approx 140mm. 
Item Size : 31 x 19 x 10 cm 

The "beautiful girl X mechanic" new series "メガミデバイス" fifth!
The most new work "vermilion Luo ninja!"

It is sectional plastic model series to attach weapon and Armour to a movable beautiful girl bare body, and to enjoy.
The bare body adopts new design bare body "マシニーカ" by Maki Asai!
And Mr. Nidy-2D- is in charge of the fifth designer!

[accessories / gimmick]
・Three kinds of painted face parts are attached for 1 character.
・There is the gimmick which combines armor with the sixth "vermilion Luo bow soldier", and I equip it with a dirk, and it is in "a samurai mode".
・In a movable range of the wonder of newly bare body "マシニーカ", a weapon posture pose and a stability pose go perfect naturally.
・A throwing knife, クナイ, the various weapon parts including the ninja sword are attached. I assume a various combats scene and can play.
・Armament and combination of existing M.S. G series, a frame arm, the frame arm girl series are possible by the hole of the 3mm diameter placed to the all parts.
・A wrist made in PVC is attached five kinds each the left right. I can have armament of existing M.S. G series, a frame arm, the frame arm girl series.
・The decare such as eyes, the marking is attached.

[with メガミデバイス]
Independence type figure skating Robo of overall height 14cm exists and makes it to enjoy a plastic model and remodels it and is the plastic model series that assumed "a battle hobby in near future" that can let you fight.
I assume first person of the movable figure skating, Maki Asai new establishment meter bare body "マシニーカ" a core, and various designers will deal with character & mechanic.
As for the molding color, classification is done, and the face is painted with タンポ print, and only assembled it, and an image is near; is finished.
I can play the adoption of the joint hole of the 3mm diameter in combination with most of Kotobuki Seating shop plastic model parts which has been already released let alone parts compatibility in the series.

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