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Saint Myth Cloth Mellow Poison

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Ref. No. 4543112348616
Weight 0.85 kg (Packing materials included)
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Release Date Late 11, 2005
Manufacturer Bandai
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There are a total of 10 Bronze saints and 5 take the back stage, ichi hydra is one of the back stage characters that don’t come out that often in the series but people remember cause of the beginning of the story arc. We’re going to look at this great figure that Bandai made on the year 2005 for the public and see the figure in its full glory. The figure has a standard saint seiya myth cloth box. The figure itself and the animated form displayed on the front, the Bandai logo and the toei sticker as well. The side of the box it says “Saint Cloth Myth” and on the bottom it says “Hydra Cloth”. On the back we have the figure doing some poses and the figure with and without the face piece. It also shows you some pictures of the object mode which are always nice to see. As you open the box you see it’s a standard saint seiya 2 sided window package, and on the top of the trim it says Bronze Saint and on the bottom it says Ichi. Now let’s look at the package inside. As we see the inside the layout is the same as most myth cloth with the figure itself and most of his cloth parts on the left side, and most of the skeleton form on the right. The instructions are numbered and are easy to follow and this figure build should not take more than 10 minutes to build. As you build the object mode, you can see the figures parts are made to fit in most of the skeleton, and leaves with no little space or parts not used. This is a great addition and very welcomed in the saint seiya collecting community. The object mode looks fantastic and the only problem it has was balance issues, if you just don’t have this figures object mode posed well, this will tilt or fall. And this may be a great concern to some collectors. As you build the figure, you see the sculpt is made to perfection, theres even shading on the figures skin which is a rare art on saint seiya figures now a days. This was a 2005 figure but the sculpt was way better like a 2011 figure, the shading is great, and the cloth parts are made to perfection. The helmet, parts of the waist and the claws are all plastic, the rest is die cast metal which is a lot of parts. The face sculpt is what really takes your attention with a great amount of detail and the hair sculpt as well is phenomenal. This is a must have figure with no flaws as you can see.

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