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Ref. No. HSC-60984
Weight 2.52 kg (Packing materials included)
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Release Date Late 4, 2010
Manufacturer Bandai
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The very first arrival of Soul of Chogokin in 2001: [Invincible Steel Man Daitank 3] made its official debut in April. Created in 70s in one of the classic Anime, also played a role in [Super Robot Taisen] series, which is such a symbolic figure represents across multiple generations of all kinds of Japan Anime robot. The kit features three different transformations, and plenty of weapons and equipments included as well, all those juicy contents will be covered in the following review. First of all, let’s take a close look at this 25 cm high giant masterpiece: The number “3” in the name stands for 3 distinct transformable forms, whereas the robotic form must be the most memorable image for the fans. Back to the product itself, Daitank 3 is a fine balance between the original taste of style and the unique Chogokin flavor, which gives it a classic look with futuristic feel. The body comprises many alloy parts, for example the legs are made of alloy hence robust enough for firm standing pose. Movable joints can be found all over limbs and neck, and the hip joint has thoughtful design can be pulled out for extensive actions. Optional face with opened mouth expression is included for battle stance posture. Multiple selections of weapon is one of the appealing features of Daitank 3, long sword, lance, bola, iron fan, and whip are all parts of this product. Iron fan even has its own weaponry forms as folding, attacking, and shielding. Others also have their movable parts; the designer is showing real creativity when crafting this kit. Multiple weapon accessory options, along with replaceable hand part, and caterpillar treads (described later in article) allow Daitank to demonstrate construction-vehicle-like view, a presentable collectible at the same time a playable one as well.
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